23 NovA Garfield Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving once again, and guess who’s hungry for some turkey?

You guessed it. No surprise, though. After all, it’s one of the few holidays of the year you get to come together with family and gorge on sumptuous fowl and a cornucopia of other delicacies. As Jon so teasingly enumerates:

But why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? To give thanks, but for what? Well, for everything!


The act of being thankful has always been part of human culture, one of deep religious significance. Plymouth pilgrims celebrated a successful growing season with a harvest festival. American troops gave thanks to God for victories in battle. Communities celebrated good fortune and liberty. As such, the tradition soon became a staple holiday in American culture.


To others, Thanksgiving is a day to mourn the Native Americans who perished under colonists. It is also a day of remembrance and making amends. As professor Dan Brook put it, “We do not have to feel guilty, but we do need to feel something.”

Celebrate it however you want. At home? Outside? With family, alone, with your significant other, or even with strangers. Gobbling down food or fasting. But we sure know how Garfield’s gonna spend it.


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