26 JunJon’s Cartoonist Job

If you might not already be aware, Jon is a cartoonist by profession. It was revealed as early as the very first Garfield comic strip! But to this date, not much is known of the specifics of his job. What cartoons does he work on? What is his art style like? Where did he go for college? What kind of training did he receive? Is he self-taught?

One thing is for certain, though: Being a cartoonist in Garfield’s universe isn’t a profession looked too highly upon. Very often, Jon is made the butt of jokes simply for being in his field of expertise. One would be led to think that drawing comics is an undesirable occupation.

This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jon is obviously able to support himself (and his pets) with the money he’s making. He lives in a decent-looking household and he’s able to buy Garfield all that lasagna. Seems like being a cartoonist isn’t so bad, right? After all, it was a cartoonist that created the Garfield series, one of the best comics series of all time! And look where we are now!


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