13 JulLiz Wilson on Love and Work

As any longtime Garfield fan would know, Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, better known as Liz, is one of the recurring major characters of the Garfield franchise. But what do fans really know about who she is as a person, rather than a character?

Having first appeared in the comic strip dated June 26, 1979, Liz instantly became the apple of Jon Arbuckle’s eye. She has become a staple character ever since, taking the role of Garfield’s vet. We all know of Jon’s subsequent attempts to gain her affection. All to no avail, sadly.


But In a story arc that happened in July of 2006, Liz finally expressed her feelings for Jon. They’ve been dating ever since! Can you imagine? All those years of waiting, and Jon’s feelings for Liz never faltered. So this goes out to everyone who has had or is going through heartache. If you truly love someone, your feelings should never dissipate. You should be willing to wait. The more time you spend together, the stronger your bond will become! So don’t worry if your crush doesn’t answer you back. Maybe in time, they will!

On the other hand, Dr. Liz Wilson is an example of a great woman who doesn’t rush love. She’s the kind of person who takes pride in her work more than anything else! Liz had always wanted to be a veterinarian ever since she was a child, and this shows through her intense dedication to her career. She once said that she would love to be a veterinarian her whole life. Jon’s a really lucky guy, eh?

Love will come when you least expect it, so take it easy and things will naturally fall into place. You can be like Jon, whose fancy never fades. Or you could also be like Liz, who knows what she wants in life, and who focuses on the things that are important to her.

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