01 AprOdie: Goofball or Genius?

We all know Odie as the lovable, brown-eared, yellow-furred dog that Garfield loves to push around. Most people think Odie is not a very smart dog; especially since Garfield constantly calls him a dipwad. Odie gets pranked a lot because of this but he is still the happy, eager pet that Garfield is not.

But is Odie really as dumb as we think he is?

Or is he an evil genius playing innocent to get Garfield back for all his shenanigans?

Exhibit A: Odie locks Garfield and Jon out of the car when they go camping. Odie eats chips inside the warm car and leaves them both outside, in the rain, with no food or shelter.

Exhibit B: He appreciates the work of highly intelligent people. We see this as he reads War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy and as he watches a show about Mozart.

Exhibit C: He can write.

Exhibit D: He can write using his tongue.

Exhibit E: He got revenge on Garfield by framing him for clearing out Jon’s closet except for a shirt that says “I love cats”

You’d think that Odie was a simpleton because of all the sly tricks our favorite tabby got to play on him, but if you think about it, there is a huge possibility that he’s just pretending. Thoughts?




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