04 AugPhenomenal Pooky

Garfield might be grumpy and cantankerous to almost everybody, but he is sweet and protective of his darling teddy bear Pooky. When Pooky first appeared in Garfield’s life, he called him, “dumb, stupid, and silly-looking” but hasn’t said anything mean to him ever since, showering the teddy bear with love and affection instead.


Garfield seems to treat Pooky as his only real friend, as Pooky seems to be the only one who doesn’t judge or criticize Garfield for his laziness or sloppy-like attitude (whether or not this huggable teddy bear has sentience is open to debate). His first appearance was on October 23, 1978.


This, however, couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jon is obviously able to support himself (and his pets) with the money he’s making. He lives in a decent-looking household and he’s able to buy Garfield all that lasagna. Seems like being a cartoonist isn’t so bad, right? After all, it was a cartoonist that created the Garfield series, one of the best comics series of all time! And look where we are now!

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