22 JulSheldon’s Secret


You’ve seen him on Garfield’s Epic Food Fight battling aliens, but do you know who (or what) this is?

Sheldon is the brother of the outgoing, and reckless, Booker. He first appeared in May 27, 1986 where he let his feet out but refused to hatch. At first, he said it was because he read in the newspapers about how dangerous about the world is. But he has also said that it’s because wherever he goes, he’s home. Yes, Sheldon is quite the smart little cookie. I mean, egg.

Sheldon loves reading the newspaper, playing table tennis, and staying at his favorite place: his Sanctum Sanctorum; which is a mound of dirt/ grassy knoll. He and Booker enjoy “manly” stories like monsters, ninjas, and mutants. Quiet and reserved, he always tries to look out for his very impulsive brother. He even tried to force Booker to be an egg, too, but it didn’t go very well.

In an episode called Shell Shocked Sheldon, Orson finally convinces Sheldon that he needs to hatch. But when he does hatch, he reveals another shell inside. Guess we’re gonna have to accept his chick/egg existence. After all, he’s still a pretty mean soldier!

sheldon hatching

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