26 AprSpringing to Action

It’s the middle of spring! It’s the time of year when trees and bushes grow new leaves and flowers! Fun fact: This happens because the air and soil become warm enough for plants to take in water and sunlight once more. Consider it like waking up after hibernation.

What DO people do during springtime? Well, you could try working off that belly you earned last winter. It’s time to get out and get BUSY! Go camping with your friends, go kayaking in some river, fly a kite when winds are strong, or ride a bike around town!

Or you could do what most diligent members of society do when the winter’s over: Do some spring cleaning. The same way plants and animals begin anew this season, you should, too! After you’re done, you’ll feel like a whole new person. Why during the spring, though? The Chinese believe it sweeps away bad luck before their New Year. A Jewish tradition speaks of cleansing the home of crumbs from leavened food in remembrance of the Passover. Who knows why? It sure feels good to clean, though.

But no one can blame you if you decide to chill during the daytime. What relaxing weather, what a calm environment. Have a nice cup of tea, read a nice book, or simply admire the beauty of nature. Time to smell the roses!

Speaking of roses, flowers are at their most beautiful this time of the year. Gardens will be at their grandest, with trees and bushes in full bloom. Why not take a stroll around your local gardens or flower stores. Give everyone you love a flower or two, or maybe even cultivate your own. Spread the love!

Don’t forget to take your umbrella with you, though. Spring is the rainiest season of the year. Why, though? Basically, rising temperatures cause more water to evaporate. As more warm air rises, it meets with the colder air in the upper atmosphere, condenses, and causes what we all know to be rain. And that’s enough science for today, as all Garfield wants to do is to lie down and do nothing. What are YOU going to do?

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