15 MarWhy do people love Garfield?

What started out as a simple and funny comic strip turned into a name we’ve all come to know and love. This Monday-hating, lasagna-loving, lazy, fat cat has gone from starring in a comic, to cartoon shows, to having live action movies, to numerous lines of merchandise, and video games. Nearly 40 years since we were introduced to the wonder that is Garfield, we still enjoy reading about him and following him on social media.

What is it about Garfield that makes him so lovable and appealing to us even after all these years?

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Jim Davis speaks about how “We live in a time where we are made to feel guilty for not exercising and oversleeping and overeating, but Garfield’s cool with that. He likes it all and he is not apologetic about it. He just lays it out there the way it is. I think that is what people really appreciate about him because he kind of holds the mirror back to the reader. He throws it back with a humorous twist.”

True enough, we laugh and relate to Garfield hating on Mondays, and wanting to sleep all day and eating whatever he wants to. With real life kind of holding us back from saying what we want to say, or doing what we want to do, Garfield is there to say and do it for us. And all with insane cattitude.

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